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About Our Sister Concern

One of the name, in our group of companies, is Abellon EcoEquipments, which is a leading name in biomass pellet based technology in India. This wing manufactures and supplies to the market an extensive range of biomass pellets and equipment such as Cookstoves and pellet burners. The foretold burning equipment can effectively replace Diesel, LPG and other fossil fuel based systems for respective applications of commercial and industrial cooking and heating segments. The offered Biomass Cook Stove, Biomass Stove, Domestic Cooking Stove, are catered under the brand names of Green Burners and Eco Chulha. This sister firm caters its range to customers across 20 states of the nation, with the help of a sales team of more than 150 members and 70+ distribution partners.

So far more than 2500 cookstove & 400 Burners installations have been done by this company. The offered equipment runs on Eco Shakti, which is a renewable, sustainable solid biomass fuel. This fuel is clean, economical, carbon-neutral, eco-friendly and remarkably easy to use. It is certainly a wise, economic alternative and a commendable replacement to wood and fossil fuels such as Diesel, LPG, PNG, LDO, FO etc.

The offered range of burners and stove, is ideal for generating heat especially in bakery, as well as for high temperature frying, for melting of metals, printing and in many other industries such as  including pharmaceuticals, road construction, textiles, packaging and more.

Research and Development Facility

The state-of-the art research and development wing of our company greatly aids our company by focusing on value-chain technologies of biomass feedstock. Its strong and sincere emphasis on liquid biofuels research is aimed at trimming down usage of conventional natural fuels. Below we have enlisted some of the projects which are ongoing in our Research and Development Facility:-
  • Research on Biomass Characterization and Pretreatment Technologies such as Torrefaction for reducing costs of transportation, betterment in fuel quality and elimination of impurities.
  • Study Lignocellulosic Bio – Ethanol
  • Extraction techniques of Bio-ethanol from hybrid feedstocks
  • Research on Bio-diesel from marine algae
  • Extraction techniques of Bio-oil from biomass through Pyrolysis
  • Capturing and clearing of flue gas
  • To study on Tissue Culture so as to continue supplying scientifically produced, pathogen-free, disease-free high biomass-yielding planting material and genetically uniform.
This sophisticated laboratory is built up with an expertise in Microbiology/Biotechnology and has built up a significant IPR pool through its efforts. We are proud to have it recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Our Ultimate Goal- Reason for Being

The main goal of our firm is to promote the energy access across the globe in a sustainable manner through our products like Biomass Cook Stove, Biomass Stove etc.

It is understood by us that energy certainly remains to be a key driver towards an economic growth and this is what proves in betterment of poverty into a mainstream economy. Giving high significance to the foretold statement, we seek to attain each one of our objective in a manner which environmentally and financially sustainable, appreciable by local communities, and promote energy independence. The mission of our company is to research for innovative solutions and further achieve the goals by blending immense knowledge and sincere disciplines by aligning our efforts with local stakeholders.

Triple-Bottom Line Approaches

Abellon has adopted a triple bottom line approach, which is focused on Environmental Protection, Social Development and Economic Progress & Prosperity.

Our integrated bio energy model is designed and engineered with utmost brilliance by strongly emphasizing on our Triple-Bottom Line Approache. We achieve the foretold by following the path set by below listed paradigms of our business:-
  • We first create a model which is capable of holistically addressing large developmental issues and then further aids in generating income and employment opportunities.
  • To generate values and find most benefiting opportunities out of a rubble.
  • Maintain fuel balance with Food/Fodder Vs Fuel balance and keep harmony with existing Land use and Agricultural patterns.
  • Lead towards innovation with technology and research & development.
  • To emphasize on long term sustainability.